Samsung EC-SH100 Digital Camera (Red)

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  • Megapixel: 14.4 MP
  • Camera type: Compact
  • Optical sensor size: 1/0.917 cm (1/2.33 “)
  • Sensor type: CCD
  • Maximum image resolution: 4320 x 3240 pixels
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Post, share, or email your favorite moments on the move with the Samsung SH100 14-Megapixel Wi-Fi Digital Camera. With Wi-Fi-enabled technology, the Samsung SH100 makes uploading photos to social networks as simple as shooting them. Its 3-inch touchscreen lets you navigate intuitively and intelligently, while the 14-megapixel resolution with 5x optical zoom captures images and videos in exceptional detail, even up close.

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SH100 Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Red)
At a Glance:

  • Wi-Fi technology lets you email photos, or upload to Facebook or YouTube
  • 3-inch LCD touchscreen with drag-and-scroll functionality
  • 14-megapixel resolution with 5x optical zoom for high image quality
  • Face/smile/blink detection to help capture the perfect shot
  • Wireless, automatic file backup to your PC
  • One-year limited warranty on parts and labor
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Samsung SH100 14-Megapixel Wi-Fi Digital Camera feature shot
Features 5x optical zoom for crisp close-up photos and videos. View larger.
Samsung SH100 14-Megapixel Wi-Fi Digital Camera product shot
Samsung SH100 14-Megapixel Wi-Fi Digital Camera feature shot
Wi-Fi-enabled technology lets you directly upload photos or videos to social networking sites (shown in black). View larger.
Samsung SH100 14-Megapixel Wi-Fi Digital Camera feature shot
Smart Touch interface features familiar drag-and-scroll functionality for easy operation. View larger.

Share Photos and Videos Wirelessly
With the Samsung SH100, you can share special moments and exciting information on the move. Upload photos to Facebook, Picasa, or other sites, or send an email directly from the camera. The AllShare wireless connection allows you to upload stills or videos to your TV. You can also upload videos to YouTube easily and quickly.

Easy Operation with Smart Touch Interface
The Samsung SH100’s Smart Touch interface makes operation as easy as using the touchscreen on your smartphone. The 3-inch LCD features familiar drag-and-scroll functionality, along with a “Home” selection so that you can easily return to the home screen, no matter what you’re doing. The crisp LCD display makes it easy to see what you’re shooting in virtually any light.

Smart Auto 2.0 Creates the Perfect Shot
Using Smart Auto 2.0, the Samsung SH100 captures the perfect shot by analyzing key composition elements and selecting from 17 different photo and 4 different movie modes.

Thanks to its face/smile/blink-detection feature, the Samsung SH100 detects and adjusts the lighting on up to nine different faces at a time. The camera will automatically shoot the subjects when they laugh or smile, and prohibit the shot from happening if anyone’s eyes are closed.

Digital Image Stabilization for Sharp Focus
When you’re shooting in low light or zooming in on a shot, or when your camera is unsteady, digital image stabilization helps eliminate blurry results. This feature stabilizes your photos by changing their path to the image sensor before they are recorded digitally. As a result, your photos come out sharp and ideally focused.

Use Advanced Effects with Magic Frame
Create sophisticated images and poster-quality visuals with the Samsung SH100’s Magic Frame feature. Magic Frame uses a predefined template to merge two photos into one. Select a background and the area where you want another photo. Place the captured image into the background and combine. The image you attach takes on the texture of the background.

Preview and Control Images with Remote Viewfinder
The Samsung SH100 includes a remote viewfinder feature in conjunction with your Samsung Galaxy Phone, so you can preview images and control the zoom using your smartphone. Many Android smartphones now feature a GPS feature, hence all of your images will embed geo-tagging to record your location.

Equipped with a wireless auto-backup feature, the Samsung SH100 automatically downloads your latest image and video files when it’s within range of your PC. The camera even turns itself off after to save energy.

Product, Compatibility, and Warranty Information
The Samsung SH100 is equipped with a 26mm Samsung lens, a 5x optical zoom, and a 3-inch LCD touchscreen. It offers 6.9 MB internal memory, and accepts external microSD cards up to 8 GB. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The camera measures 2.12 by 3.66 by 0.74 inches (H x W x D).

To use the SH100 with your computer you’ll need an Intel 4 3.2 GHz or later or AMD 2.6 GHz or later processor; at least 256 MB ram; a USB port; a CD-ROM drive; and at least 250 MB hard-disk space with a Windows system (110 MB with Mac). The camera is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7, and Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.