Samsung Washing Machine WF-0804

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  • Dimensions (H)85.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)60.0
  • Energy Rating A+++ Rated
  • Wash Performance A Rated
  • Spin Speed 1400 RPM
  • Wash Load 8 Kg


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Samsung WF0804W8N washing machine:

Its unique use allow colder wash temperatures that use less energy. Other features include the fabric caring Diamond Drum™ and loads of wash programmes to meet your every need. The Samsung 8kg Washing Machine is simply perfect for modern living and will keep clothes and fabrics looking their best.

Enjoy the outdoors, but keep it off your clothes

Samsung’s Technology delivers advanced fabric care as well as perfect cleanliness by minimising damage. With reduced mechanical action and bubble-generating technology, your clothes stay looking newer for longer. The softer and smoother bubble action protects the delicate clothes such as outdoor wear and water-repellent fabrics. Outdoor and water-repellent clothing is protected

Drum Cleaning with eco-technology

Greatly extend the life of your washer and keep it looking brand new with Samsung Eco Drum Clean. With the push of a button, heat and water (70°C) combine with high-speed rpm, eliminating detergent residue, dirt and the odour-causing bacteria that forms on the inside surfaces of the washer drum. You’re left with a sparkling finish – and one that didn’t require special washing machine cleaner or any harmful chemicals.

Keep clothes looking new with Diamond Drum™

The Diamond Drum™ is unique to Samsung and helps care for your clothes and fabrics. The holes in the Diamond Drum™ are 75% smaller than those in a standard drum and are located deep within a diamond-embossed imprint. The diamond shape collects more water than a standard imprint, meaning your clothes are in contact with water for longer, while the smaller holes prevent fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged.

Quiet & Durable performance

The Quiet Drive Motor works without belts or gears so reduces vibration, making the washing machine quieter and more durable. With a 10 year warranty, Samsung guarantees to deliver a peaceful washing performance.